Why You Should Have Engagement Photos- Tips and Tricks from a Wedding Photographer

I always get asked if engagement photos are a necessary add on to your wedding package. While some couples may think that these photos are not necessary, there are actually a ton of great reasons to have an engagement session, great pictures and a fun time!

An engagement session is a great opportunity to document this important milestone in your relationship. Engagement photos serve as a tangible reminder of the love and commitment you and your partner have for each other, and they can be enjoyed for years to come. These photos can be displayed in your home or shared with friends and family as a way to celebrate your engagement. I have even seen a lot of my couples print and display them at their wedding!

Probably the most important reason in my opinion to have an engagement photo shoot is to get comfortable in front of the camera. Many couples may feel nervous or awkward posing for photos, but having an engagement session can help you and your partner get used to having your photo taken. It helps build the relationship between the couple and photographer and when your wedding day comes around you are a pro in front of the camera!

When most people think of engagement photos they think of boring matchy matchy outfits, well those are a thing of the past. I encourage my couples to think of a place that is special to you or reflects your personality, it could be photos in a park, down in the city, or doing your favorite activity. You can choose a location and outfit that reflects who you are as a couple, and use the photos to tell your love story.

Whether you choose to display the photos in your home or share them with friends and family, these photos will serve as a lasting reminder of this important milestone in your relationship. And I promise you, if you are having a sessions with me, you are bound to have a great time!

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